Thursday, November 3, 2011

Secret City Name "Best Improv Group" by the OC Weekly


I literally stumbled across this news, but Secret City Comics Society was named "Best Improv Group - 2011" by the OC Weekly. Needless to say, I was floored and honored at the same time. I've been to every shows of Secret City Comics Society and I don't remember anyone identifying themselves from the OC Weekly. Also, this was a decision solely made by the OC Weekly. I've never really liked the internet polls, where a publication asks fans to vote.

On behalf of the Secret City Comics Society, I want to thank the OC Weekly for this honor.


Once an honor like this is received, I find myself overcome with humility. Writing this now, obviously negate our ability to use the work "humble." But we, as a team, are humbled. Our little theater is just 4 months old. The team itself is only 10 month old and as a team and as individuals, we certain do our best to put on the best show that we are capable of doing.

The reality of the situation is that Secret City is still a young team. There are still 18 games that have not been introduced to the show. Also, we are still working on our musical abilities. As much as we appreciate this honor, we know that we have not lived up to our potential for you, our fans. So keep coming back.

The reality is also that it puts us in an awkward position with our fellow improv teams in Orange County. Honestly, I wish I knew our fellow improv performers, but I'm only truly friends with ImprovCity. I've seen some of the other shows in the area and far be it from me to compare Secret City as better or worse. My hopes is that this changes with our involvement with the Improv Cup at STAGES theater on November 11 and 12.


To our fans, by no means does this honor mean we'll get complacent. There is still more show to come, new games to play and new players to perform. You have not seen us at our very best yet. Keep coming back and enjoy this ride.

In the next year or so, our dream is to announce a new home for Secret City Comics Society and for improv comedy in Orange County. If you're interested in helping us make this happen, let us know.

Alan Ng
Creative Director
Secret City Comics Society