Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Experienced Improvisers Needed: Auditions

Are you an experienced improv comedian looking for a place to flex your comedic muscle? Secret City Comics Society is looking for experienced improvisational comedians to join the ranks.

Our Vision

Secret City exists to bring professional comedy to Orange County and at the same time reaching a broad audience, which means we perform clean. Yes, it is possible and our track record has proved it.

The Myth of Performing Clean

Clean comedy does not mean its children's comedy or watered down comedy. As comedians, we portray everyday life on stage and through improvisation, we turn it on its head. There is so much to life to poke fun at without resorting to swearing or sexual innuendo. Consider it a challenge with a great payoff.

Experienced Performers Wanted

Qualifications :
  • must have improv comedy experience, either part of an existing group or took classes with us or other groups.
  • must be willing to perform clean.
  • must be able to attend Tuesday night rehearsal in Fullerton
  • must be able to perform at least 3 or more nights every month on either Friday or Saturday

Our Team

Secret City has been in existence since 2010. We are still a young group and we are still growing our fan base. We have a core group of performers and we're looking to expand our family.

In that short year we received the honor of Best Improv Group in Orange County from the editors at the OC Weekly.

Secret City Comics Society is passionate about bringing clean, all ages comedy to Orange County. By no means is our show a children's show, but we are considered a safe place to laugh for all ages.

Who am I?

My name is Alan Ng, Created Director of Secret City Comics Soceity

• Former Senior member of National Comedy Theater in San Diego from 2001 to 2011.
• Professional improvisers since 1993.
• Taught improv classes since 2004.
• Trained with improv teachers Pat Dade (Stella Adler) and Greg Atkins (South Coast Reperatory).
• Long time resident of Orange County

Audition Information

We hold auditions 2-3 times each year. Visit our website for our next audition

Hints on succeeding at the audition. We're looking for performers who are comfortable on stage, have a working knowledge of improv games, performs good scenework and works well as a team.

We are less interested in crazy characters, wacky suggestions and telling jokes.

Hope to see you soon.

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